Julia West House



What is Julia West House?

Julia West House is an outreach of the First Presbyterian Church in downtown Portland, Oregon. We serve the residents of the Portland metro area with three specialized programs to help them make their lives better. We have:

• ALL – Adult Literacy & Learning, including GED preparation;

• BFF – Best Foot Forward, business dress clothing for men returning to work;

• C3   – Creative Community Connections, for some people committed to finding work but who can’t get appropriate help from social service agencies.

Julia West House offers guests opportunities to learn, become self-sufficient, improve their futures, and restore their tomorrows by gaining new skills and increased confidence.

“When I’m here I feel like I can be a better person,” is how one of our guests put it.

We don’t offer meals or beds. Many other organizations do those things. What we do best is engage our guests, build trusting relationships, and encourage growth. We provide a place where our guests have opportunities to discover and sharpen their abilities, and gain the hope and confidence to make their lives work.

As another guest said, “At the Julia West House they don’t point fingers, they extend a hand.”

We welcome everyone who is seeking positive change for their life. Our goal is to provide a civil, safe, supportive environment where our guests can learn and turn in a new direction.


522 SW 13th Ave.
Portland OR 97205