One-on-one tutoring

Our GED/Literacy program is unique because we give one-on-one tutoring–we do not have rigidly scheduled, multi-student classes. Each person takes a short assessment screening that is used to create an individual study plan agreed to by student and tutor. Each student gets a clear concept of their skill strengths and where they need to focus to improve.

Flexible schedules

Tutoring appointment time, frequency, and duration are based on student and tutor availability. We have a diverse group of learners – ages from 18 to 80, women and men, with many different backgrounds, skill levels, and life challenges. While schedules are flexible, a student’s regular attendance is a key life-skill focus.


Our GED/Literacy program is built to help learners reach their educational and life goals. Tutors match students effort and commitment with materials and training that lets students progress at their pace.  Improving literacy and passing GED tests require patience, practice and perseverance. There is no shortcut. Commitment and follow-through are key to achieving success. It is worth the effort. We love to celebrate students’ successes.

Let’s talk

Call to inquire about available times to schedule an interview and take assessment tests to find out where you will begin and how long it may take to reach your goal. If you’re ready to learn, we’re ready to help. Call us now.


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