Focused support

We help put the pieces together. We help people connect with resources and opportunities, take responsibility, and commit to the time and effort necessary to make positive change. We believe in establishing expectations and accountability. Our mission is to help people find their path to a better tomorrow. We help people explore their possibilities and improve their circumstances.

Falling through the cracks

Some people don’t qualify for typical social service agency assistance because they don’t have an addiction or a diagnosis or a situation that the agency is funded to address. When people are simply going through a rough patch, it’s often difficult to find help because they don’t meet the criteria for services.

Flexible support

We make special arrangements for guests whose job commitments or circumstances preclude access to other services or resources. We encourage and support guests as they seek a new purpose and positive direction for their lives.  Because we are a small organization, we can respond quickly and creatively.

Finding success

Our connections and support are built on relationships. We don’t offer a fixed menu of services, but work with guests to discover how they can best help themselves. Our services are flexible, but our goal is constant: help people discover their own path to success.


522 SW 13th Ave.
Portland OR 97205